Here it is, finally it arrived all the way from France. The very first copy of the very first book of Semmie the Forest Gnome!
Last Thursday I received a message from my printer that my book was sent by mail that very day and from that moment on I have grown more nervous by the day. I eventually came to a point I had little faith it would ever arrive at all and I would have to order a new copy. But today (thank god!) it arrived and it is truly amazing!

Now I can hear you think: “What is it going to cost? And where can I order one?”.
Well I should ask you all for a little more patience, I am printing this book through the “Print on Demand” principle which quite an expensive way to make books. However it is my goal to offer this book at a price you would pay for a normal comic at a bookstore.
When I have all information, I will make the book available for order trough this website.

Oh yeah and with a beautiful hardcover!
(Click for full-size)

6 thoughts on “FINALLY!

  1. That looks spectacular! The colors seem to ave come through with a great deal of depth, which is always that last little imponderable part of going from a computer screen to paper. I see it’s in Dutch as well, which, although it makes sense, makes me wonder about the English version! I’m looking forward to having a copy – and as I said, I know at least a few libraries in the United States that will be adding this to their collections.


    • Thanks M.! Don’t worry, the English version is allready finished, it is just another layer above the same artwork. I ordered one copy to verify that I hadn’t missed any major art mistakes before I move on. And I haven’t, there are one or two minor issues that I’m going to fix but nothing significant.

      So now it is time for the English version, I will keep you posted!

  2. Wooooow, dat ziet er prachtig uit!!! Ik kan niet wachten om er een te bestellen! :)

    Ik zie ook uit naar Semmie 2, mooie schetsen!

    • Heee Henrike, dankjewel! Het is altijd even afwachten of het uiteindelijke product ook echt lijkt op dat waar je al eeuwen naar hebt zitten turen op een beeldscherm. Maar mijn verwachtingen zijn ruimschoots overtroffen.

      En Semmie 2 wordt gewoon nog beter en veel grootser dan Semmie 1, let maar op!

      P.S. Ook jouw reservering is staat genoteerd ;)!

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