Bran-Jar’s story – Last Post

Post 9 by Jim Francis

This is already the last page of a truly fun project, it’s a pity it is over. I hope it will not be long before I again have the opportunity to create a good story with such a talented group of artists.

The last page of Bran-Jar’s story comes from the stylus of Jim Francis of Outsider. Outsider is the story about the officer Alexander Jardin who is thrust upon an alien society during a galactic war. Alexander is part of Earth’s Scout Corps which has to form an alliance with an alien society to ensure Earth’s survival.
Read this space opera from the start here.

For those who don’t know yet, ReMIND is a graphic novel by Jason Brubaker about a cat who’s actually a super muscular lizard man. We follow the cat named Victuals on his quest to get his super muscular body back from the lizard king in a city deep, deep, deep below the surface of the water.

I must have caught your interest by now, so if you want to know how the story really goes you just click here.

The great story about Bran-Jar is written by Christopher Wrann of Aquarium Drinking. Aquarium Drinking is a graphic novel about five friends who are in there late twenties and start to question everything they have ever learned about life and love. I recommend everybody to follow these 5 friends  from this point in their search for the meaning of life. Updates every Wednesday.

Check my contribution to Bran-Jar’s story here

Have fun!

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