Bran-Jar’s story – Post 5

Post 5 by Kim Ku

The illustrator for this week went on a spree and drew not 1 but 2 pages! Kim Ku is known for the comic Harts & Holes which tells the story about a young woman who is saved from drowning by a young man with a huge scar on his chest. Only when the stitches come loose a gaping hole is shown…
Read the first 8 pages here or buy a book here.

For those who don’t know yet, ReMIND is a graphic novel by Jason Brubaker about a cat who’s actually a super muscular lizard man. We follow the cat named Victuals on his quest to get his super muscular body back from the lizard king in a city deep, deep, deep below the surface of the water.

I must have caught your interest by now, so if you want to know how the story really goes you just click here.

The great story about Bran-Jar is written by Christopher Wrann of Aquarium Drinking. Aquarium Drinking is a graphic novel about five friends who are in there late twenties and start to question everything they have ever learned about life and love. I recommend everybody to follow these 5 friends  from this point in their search for the meaning of life. Updates every Wednesday.

Have fun!

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