Bran-Jar’s story – Post 3

Post 3 by Peter Hon

It is already the third week of Bran-Jar’s Story and the artist of this weeks page is Peter Hon of the webcomic Malden. Malden is a webcomic about a rotating cast of characters who live in a apartment building called THE MALDEN.  And their first adventure is getting out of a Burrito restaurant alive because the owner wants their chips. Has it caught your interest? Then click here or at the banner below. Malden updates weekly.

For those who don’t know yet, ReMIND is a graphic novel by Jason Brubaker about a cat who’s actually a super muscular lizard man. We follow the cat named Victuals on his quest to get his super muscular body back from the lizard king in a city deep, deep, deep below the surface of the water.

I must have caught your interest by now, so if you want to know how the story really goes you just click here.

The great story about Bran-Jar is written by Christopher Wrann of Aquarium Drinking. Aquarium Drinking is a graphic novel about five friends who are in there late twenties and start to question everything they have ever learned about life and love. I recommend everybody to follow these 5 friends  from this point in their search for the meaning of life. Updates every Wednesday.

Have fun!