Revision Time – Page 5 part 2

Revision Time #2

It is time for the second and final part of Revision Time. Page 5 was the only page that truly needed some serious revising, the revisions on the other pages were mostly due to colors and/or texture. For all of you who can’t wait to see the altered pages, I will not be uploading any of them, sorry. But they will only be available in the printed version.

The old page 5 only had 2 panels showing the other dolls laughing and making fun of Semmie. On the new double paged page 5 I have used an entire page just to have that feeling of humiliation get a cross a little better. The only thing you have to do is imagine the big sound effects (Hahahaha, Hihihihi, Hohohoho), because they are put in during coloring.

Have fun!