Sketch – Bunny


Now that book 1 of Semmie the Forest Gnome is done I’m going to need a few weeks to do a lot of preliminary work for book 2 before I can start uploading new pages. Until then I will be posting a new sketch or illustration each week, and maybe even a piece of guest-art by another comic maker/illustrator.

This is the first of a number of sketches I made / am going to make for the story that will accompany the new spring-kit from Atelier Luus. Actually this is the second story I make about one of the designs of Luus®, the first one was Semmie the Forest Gnome. Surprised? I’ll explain, Luus is my wife and when a large part of your house is filled with these rascals:

Then the only thing you can do is make up stories! You should pay a visit some time and wonder at the amazing designs there and if you are handy with a needle and thread you could order a kit and make your own Semmie! Isn’t that great!

Here this week’s sketch, have fun!