Page 30 – Up the stairs

Up the stairs

Nice and snug tucked away in a soft towel is Sem carefully carried back up the same stairs he so thrillingly went down. He probably never thought he would be returned to the puppet room in this manner. I’m sure he’s secretly very happy with it all.

What can I say, I just really like drawing stairs and this one I had to do one more time. It turned out soooo good! Nice exaggerated number of treads, the wallpaper stripes are drawn in a little bent somewhat of a “curved lens” effect what makes the stairs look like it’s inside a tunnel. I know this stairs looks different that the ones on pages 7 and 9 even when it is actually the same, but it just felt good to depict it in a totally different way than before. I guess that’s a little bit of artistic liberty I give myself.

I finished the last 2 pages of this story last week and work on the cover is in progress. All I need to do after that is a correction round and look for a good printer. So keep checking back because before you know it you will be able to order your copy of Semmie the Forest gnome.

Have fun with page 30!