Page 25 – Please!


This week I came in contact with a strange phenomenon, which is that when you have more than enough time to finish something you subconsciously take so much time to do it that you still end up finishing up in a hurry. Normally it takes all week to color just 1 page and then at Tuesday evening I have to quickly put the text in and put the whole thing online accompanied by a little story. And most of the time it works out just fine.

This week was a little different than normal, I finished coloring this page and next week’s page last Sunday. And what do you know, it took me the whole of Monday evening to put in 3 lines of text and 2 sound effects on 2 pages! It also costs me a great deal of energy to squeeze this piece of text out of my brain. I almost have to hurry to get this finished this evening! Almost, I mean this story is as good as done, I just have to add a little explanation about this week’s page and then it’s off to the story that will accompany page 26, jippie!

Poor, poor Sem, during his flee from the big dark shadow he tripped over a tree root and hit his head hard. While his head is still swirling from the pain he notices that the big dark shadow has caught up. “Leave me alone! Please!”

Have fun!